June 28, 2004


Some of the many pictures from our murder mystery dinner have been published in my "Misc Events" folder. Hope you enjoy. When you get to the crazy pictures, make sure you click on a normal one afterward just to put things in more context.

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Murder Mystery R Us

This weekend, my friends and I all took part in a murder mystery dinner. We had an absolute blast. It was set in the 20's, though most of our dresses are from other eras, and intrique was at it's best. I played Mary Toosteal, wife to Congressman and presidential candidate Darrin Toosteal, played by Nick. Someone was murdered at dinner and it was our job to figure out who while we created further drama to confuse other players. My husband had some motive to kill mafia member Don Ravioli, as his connections with him would make his character seem less than suitable for the presidential office. I knew this and used it to my full advantage because, though I appeared to be the perfect, loving, political wife, I really didn't like my husband and knew he was philandering with two other women. (I feel your pain, Hillary.) Not that I was perfect myself, I was having an affair with the Chicago mayor who was also planning on running for president, though I was the only one who knew of his political ambitions.

Through a series of events that would blow The Young and the Restless out of the water, my goal was to discredit my husband so that my leaving him would seem more than acceptable. And I would be leaving for another possible presidential candidate, so either way, I most likely would have ended up as the first lady. I knew what I was doing. :)

I had a wonderful time. It was so much fun. I will be posting a great deal more pictures as soon as I'm able (probably tonight). In the meantime, here is me and my loving husband.

I just noticed that by me shrinking this photo, it has squished our height. If you click on the picture, you'll see we're not so sausage-y :)

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June 25, 2004

Pondering Pensioni

Here is where Rachael and I are staying in Venice:

This is from Hotel Campiello which is 50 meters from the waterfront. It's a beautiful little place. This is what our room would look like, so I'm told :)

It's the cutest little place. If you want to see more of it, not as though this could be nearly as interesting to you as it is to us, you can visit their website. Click on the little British flag to the left; this will translate the page to English...quite helpful, I assure you.

I'm thrilled that almost everything is nailed down now. We have to book our place in Rome, and that's it. Once we arrive in the country, we'll figure out the trains, but we're basically just about set to go. I'm so excited and quite relieved. I feel as though I can breathe and sleep peacefully through the night. Especially knowing that jury duty isn't going to hinder anything.

Oh, and in case it wasn't abundantly clear *cough Todd*, I am all about civic duty. I think that's obvious by my posts. I believe in serving, but I simply cannot at this juncture. :) Like I said, when I come into money, I'll be the first in line to sign up, but until then, I'll be praying that I am not called on again in the near future.

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June 24, 2004

Free at Last

So, God has been yet more merciful to me and I have escaped the pain of being a juror. I sat in the courtroom awaiting my time of questioning wondering what I should say to get out of it, knowing I was under penalty of perjury if I said anything false. I thought of making myself out to be an extreme right winger. I thought of saying I hated the current state of our legal system. I thought of everything. Then, the judge asked if there were any who could not serve on a jury presiding over a case that would last through July 7. Naturally I raised my hand.

When I was allowed to give a reason why, I simply said, "I am completely self-employed, and if I don't show up to work, I have zero income." That's all. Afterward, I contemplated the reason why I wasn't a little more long winded, but in the end, I think the bare minimum did the job. He let me off. Then I had to wait in a jury assembly room to see if my name came up for another panel. Well, it didn't, and I was dismissed at 2:30, praise the Lord!!

It was actually quite fascinating, and if I were independently wealthy, I would totally dig sitting on a jury. But alas, independence and wealth are words not yet associated with me, so I'll have to hang my hat with the rest of the citizens doing all they can to slip through the cracks of civic duty.

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Well, horror of horrors, I have to report for jury duty this morning. I'm all for civic duty, but I can't afford it right now, and I kind of leave the country in a little over two weeks.

Please pray that they dismiss me. I want out of the system. I'm tired of postponing and postponing. So, please pray that they see this website and find me too right wing, or think that my ponytail is flippant, or that I'm too smart, or something along those lines. Just pray I get out.

I almost did the same thing I did on Monday. I woke up this morning and went, "Shoot!!" then ran out of bed and called. One of these days I'll be on top of things.

Until then, I remain,

Emily :)

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June 23, 2004

Men Without Chests

I am still on my Lewis sojourn, as I have about 8 books left to read in now less than three weeks. I just finished reading his lecture, "Men Without Chests," from The Abolition of Man. If you've never read this, you should. It is so poignantly powerful and completely prophetic. The things he describes 50 years ago are far more acute today. This man had his finger to the pulse of postmodernism and has predicted every movement of it since its inception. It's amazing.

On another note, for those of you accustomed to frequent conversations with me while I'm on my cell phone, that is all going to change. For I received a bill for over $1000.00 the other day for such conversations. I'm still numb to this, and my friends and family are convinced that we are being ripped off like crazy, but the fact remains: I talk too much on my cell phone. So, if you'd like to talk to me, please call my house phone. If you don't have that number, email me and I'll give it to you.

I almost had a lapse of consciousness and put my number up here. :) I may read Lewis like I eat chocolate, but I'm still blonde.


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June 21, 2004

Stressing out

So, sleep has not come so easy to me these days. Last night I was jostled out of my REM cycle a number of times because I woke up from a dream that I was in Italy with no place to go, no way to get there, etc. The usual "ohmygosh-I'm-leaving-for-Europe-in-three-weeks-and-so-many-loose-ends-
have-yet-to-be-tied" dream. :) I also woke up saying "June 21, June 21, why does that sound so familiar." And with another jolt, I was running down the stairs for my jury summons. I was supposed to call last night to see if I had to report today.

God is probably chuckling at me right now. I know he's not stressing out, but his messy haired, just woke up and extremely disoriented little girl is. He had yet more mercy on me and I do not have to call again until Wednesday. (Note to self: Call on Wednesday!)

My trip planning, from all appearances, has really been quite amazing. There was a period of a few weeks in which I was almost certain that I would have no way of getting to Europe despite my already having paid for a full program there. But I knew the Lord had called me to ask him for all my needs and I did. Well, miracle of all miracles, a man who owed my father a business favor decided to give me his frequent flyer miles. Long story short, I don't have to pay for my airfare to and from England!! I laughed and cried at the same time, for quite some time, when I found this out. God is amazing, and this is just the easy stuff for him.

Well, I thought I'd share that. Rachael and I are also going to be able to stay for free in Florence at a family's house. Now we're just looking at places in Venice and Rome. This trip could have been so expensive, but because we're both in earnest prayer, God has truly provided every step of the way. We only have a few more steps, so I'll keep you posted.

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June 18, 2004

My blood boileth over

Alright, so the latest thing you all must get involved in is writing letters to movie theaters protesting the screening of Michael Moore's latest "documentary." It's called Farenheit 9/11 and it is a completely anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-troops movie. This man hates America and he has money enough to make movies to help other people hate America. His movie got the highest awards from the Cannes Film Festival (no surprise if you know what the French are all about), and he's hoping for the same reception here.

Here's a nice little quote he had to say about our troops:
“Half the movie is about Iraq – we were able to get film crews embedded with American troops without them knowing it was Michael Moore. They are totally f***ed.”

I don't know about you, but that makes my blood boil. I know that knowing Nick and Tony has made the troops more human to me, but even if I didn't know them, this makes me sick. These men are over there fighting for his right to free speech, and this is what he does with it. Disgusting.

So, what can you do about it? Visit Move America Forward and write them a letter to pass on to movie theaters. Or, you can do a little research yourself and write the local theaters on your own. I think I'm going to do both.

We can't let people like him get away with rabid, lying, irrational and irresponsible speech anymore.

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June 17, 2004

Tilt, Tilt

ScrewtapeMy mind is nearing complete overload right now. I've been reading non-stop for two and a half hours. I'm done with Screwtape Letters, I'm just sifting through Screwtape Proposes a Toast and an article Dr. Markos wrote about it.

Next, I'm going to be studying Italian for another solid two hours now that my dear travel-mate Rachael told some poeple helping us that it would be fine if we stayed in a home that didn't speak English because "Emily speaks Italian." :) Great, one more thing to add to the list being input into Emily's not too huge brain :)

I'm getting through just fine and rather enjoying it. Rach and I are getting together this evening to finish booking accomodations and flights in and out of Italy. As soon as that is all settled, I will write about the amazing things God has done for the two of us in planning this trip. I'm just anxious to get on the plane.

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June 16, 2004

The Roof is on Fire

The Band webpage has been updated. Yes, I know, finally. Well, you can quit your waiting and whining all in one shot and read the brilliant prose of one Jon Beal. Click here.

I'll write more later. For now, I've gotta pick up some dry cleaning that's been at the cleaners for, oh, two weeks :-I Then I have to go swimming with my little ones. Yes, I know my life is hard :)

This post was officially dedicated to Chris in a high rise.

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June 15, 2004

Haste Makes Waste

LewisI have very little time to post anything, but I thought I needed to at least say something.

I am nearing the completion of Screwtape Letters (again), pouring over Mere Christianity and starting a book called Lewis Agonistes: How C.S. Lewis Can Train Us to Wrestle With the Modern and Postmodern World. The last book is written by Dr. Louis Markos of Houston Baptist University. His was the lecture series I began listening to ("The Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis") and grew tremendously from [I know I'm not supposed to end sentences with prepositions. My apologies :) ]. In addition to being a consumate professor, his work has not only given me a deeper appreciation for Lewis, but it has also directed me to the program I will be participating in at Oxford next month. I highly recommend buying his teaching series and his book. I wish he taught a little closer to home.

I will be posting an update about my trip. The England portion is completely paid for, praise the Lord. I just don't want to hastily describe the blessings I've received in regards to this trip. I promise, you'll hear about Jehovah Jirah as soon as I have the time.

I hope all are well. Continue praying for our nation and for those abroad defending her, i.e. Tony.

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June 11, 2004

Final Farewell to a Great Man


I have yet to write about my reflections on President Ronald Reagan, but in the meantime, I wanted to direct you to Fox News where you can streamline his funeral and watch it live. The picture won't be as great as TV, but at least you'll feel a part of it. Some clients of mine are taping it, so I'll end up watching a good recording of it later if anyone wants to join me.

Farewell, Mr. President. You will be greatly missed. Your former vice president once gave a speech about 1000 Points of Light. One has gone out now.

Rest in Peace.

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June 10, 2004

Left Bias is Right

You've gotta love good ol' fashioned yellow journalism (see the end of this post). Yesterday, Sue Fox of the L.A. Times wrote an article regarding the L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting. In it she quotes Gloria Molina as saying, "There's no way we're going to please this crowd." As if this were some small, isolated faction of the Los Angeles population. News flash, Gloria: This Crowd is your constituency. This Crowd is Los Angeles. But, it gets better.

Yvonne Burke, after calling the meeting "a religous frenzy", said, "I'm not going to lower myself to talk to a group of people like this. I don't have to be harrassed." She goes on to say in her brilliant and highly educated rhetoric, "This is as close to the Inquisition as we have seen in the 21st century." All I can say is: Really Yvonne? Really?

And on to dear Zev. He went on to chastise the citizens in the room, saying he was incensed by being called "anti-Christian." Liberals hate the truth. Case in point.

I hope you all realize that these leftist elitists are full of hate for you and your value system. They have nothing but disdain for you and believe you're a bunch of racist, bigoted idiots. That is exactly why they will not let this go to the ballots. You won't vote their agenda. Please email each one of them and express your outrage over their cavalier misuse of the authority they've been given, by us. Let them know that if they do not overturn their judgment, you will do all within your power to see them taken out of office. They are our representatives; not the ACLU's marionettes.

Well, I can't just end it without one other slam on the L.A. Times. Here are the pictures they published next to the article about the meeting. They make us look like a bunch of crazed lunatics because they offered no explanation to why these people's hands were up. For all we know, they're about to handle snakes and drink poison. Keep reading if you want to see them back peddle and to get the supervisors email addresses.


And this was the only poster with the cross on it. They want to make this look like a crazy, right-wing conspiracy. There were signs there made by Jews and Buddhists, but somehow those didn't develop right, or something to that effect.


Here's what the LA Times printed after getting loads of angry emails, I'm sure:
FOR THE RECORD: Protesters at meeting —In Wednesday's California section, a photo showed people waving their hands in the air at a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting at which the removal of the cross from the county seal was being discussed. The caption said that many in the crowd were showing their approval for comments made by audience members who opposed the board's vote to replace the cross with other images. It should have pointed out that Supervisor Don Knabe, in an effort to reduce noise, asked those supporting a speaker to wave their arms in the air rather than clap or make other noises.
~Good job guys. Way to be profession from the get-go.

Here are the emails I promised:
Gloria Molina: molina@bos.co.la.ca.us
Zev Yaroslavsky: zev@bos.co.la.ca.us
Yvonne Burke: burke@bos.co.la.ca.us

Thank Don Knabe and Michael Antonovich for standing up for the cross:
Don Knabe: don@bos.co.la.ca.us
Michael Antonovich: fifthdistrict@bos.co.la.ca.us

And while you're at it, email the LA Times about their outrageous selection of photos for their coverage of this event. Go here and fill out their form: http://www.latimes.com/services/site/la-contactus,0,3944908.htmlstory

June 08, 2004



I've just seen the following give their testimony at the meeting: Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Brent Price, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. These are some heavy hitters in the Christian and conservative movement. I have no idea who else might be there. It's been really good.

Go here to watch the L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting regarding removing the cross from the Los Angeles County emblem. Dennis Prager is actually there. I'm furious that I'm not. Our church announced it started at 10, when it actually started at 9:30. Long story short, I didn't do my research in time, and I missed out. But, check out the video if you can. If not, listen to Dennis' show on KRLA.

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I have been blessed

I have been blessed with great brothers, wonderful friends and perfect events to show them all off. This last weekend was so busy, yet so much fun. Saturday, we all went to a wedding followed by a great reception. We danced until just before midnight. This is one picture from the night (my brothers were pulling a Chris Kattan and Jim Carrey on me...see photo album for more details.) I've got the rest under my new photo album "Misc Events."

I'll have others of Nick's Homecoming Party in there as well. I will be posting some updates on my life, trip planning and my thoughts on President Reagan. Just a preview: he was one of the greatest role models and icons in my life. A little piece of my heart feels lost with him gone. I will write in more details later.

Right now, it's nearing 2 am, and I am seriously considering driving to his library to pay my respects. But then I need to be coherent for a city council meeting at 10 am, in which I plan on graciously articulating my fierce opposition to the ACLU's latest attempt to wipe Christianity off of the planet. What's a girl to do?

Check in later for more. :)

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June 04, 2004



It's nearly 1:30 a.m. right now. I'm wide awake (blast that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!), and what else could I possibly be doing at this hour but researching what shoes to buy for my Italy trip? :) Those who know me well know I LOVE shoes. I have close to 40 or 50 pairs (but before you freak out, I did inherit about 30 some of them). I love them.

Tonight I went to Rick Steves' website to check out suggestions for my Italy trip, and lo and behold, there was an entire message board dedicated to the best shoes for international sight seeing. I've been thinking about what to wear, what to leave home and what shoes to take/buy for my trip. (It's the leaving home part that I'll find the most difficult. I've been known to pack nearly 10 pairs for my long trips.)

I am more than broke at the moment, and most of the shoes I'm researching are anywhere from $50-$100, but I'll factor that in, and I'm sure I'll be glad that I bought comfortable, yet stylish, shoes for all the walking on cobblestone roads I'll be doing. I am reminding myself by the minute that "My God will supply all I need." My little earthly eyes--actually I have quite big earthly eyes but that's beside the point--simply cannot see how some of the preparation will happen, but I know it will. I have had some unexpected expenses lately that have detracted from my savings, but I know God will provide. That's my mantra right now.

I have a lead on some airline tickets that won't cost me my first born child. I'm praying that works out. Then I've gotta save for the travel expenses within Italy, and of course, spending money. The biggest purchases I would like to make are one or two Italian leather purses (perhaps Valentino or Armani, etc) and a leather jacket from this wonderful leather store in Florence. Other than that, I think I'll just be buying gifts and things.

Well, I'm going to force myself to sleep now. I hope you all are safely tucked away in bed, dreaming. :) G'night, or Buona notte.

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June 03, 2004

So Sorry

So, I recognize that the last two posts I've had were both promises of longer posts, and I never fulfilled them. A thousand apologies. So, an update on my life and various circumstances.

We welcomed Nick home last Tuesday, and had a blast doing it. Visiting a Marine base was certainly icing on the cake (Jon was really thrilled to be in a van of giddy, giggling girls.) For a full recap of the story, see my friend Kristin's blog, with a link located on the left of this page. She is quite detailed...don't think she left one thing out.

I'm still catching up on sleep from last week, and as I type, it's way past my bedtime. I've never been really good at motivating myself to sleep. I always feel as though I'm going to miss something.

My European vacation is starting to stress me out a bit. I've just paid for my program in full. Watching months worth of savings leave your bank account in a matter of minutes is quite painful, I've discovered. ..

I'm still working on buying a plane ticket out there...that would be important. Prices for tickets are so darn expensive. If anyone knows of any deals or any way around paying nearly $1000 for a round trip, PLEASE let me know.

I'm still placing it all in the Lord's most capable hands. Doug Andersen said something so great on Sunday. He quoted the verse that says, "My God will supply all my needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus." Doug pointed out that it is according to HIS riches, not my own, or what I'm capable of attaining. I am fully amenable to that. To quote John Kerry and G.W., "Bring it on" Lord. :)

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June 01, 2004

More of Me in Your Life :)

I've got new pictures of me and my friends, and of Nick's homecoming, in my photo albums. Look in "Friends" and "The Boys" to view them. Some of them are downright hilarious in my humble opinion. :) I'll blog more later...I promise!

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